Stylish knitwear with inspiration from Ireland

The story behind Twisted Knitwear

Twisted Knitwear is the journey of independent knitwear designer Karen O’Hanlon Cohrt.

Karen is an Irish woman, mother, science writer and researcher who channels her creative energy and passion into designing stylish and modern knitwear for babies, children and adults.

Born and raised in Ireland, Karen returned to live there in 2022 with her husband and young family, following a wonderful 11 years in Denmark.

Twisted Knitwear blends the simple and elegant nature of Nordic design with the intricate cables and twists seen in traditional Irish knitwear.

Welcome and enjoy!

Little Sailor Collection

Baby Sailor 0-12 months
Little Miss Sailor 9 months - 4 years
Little Sailor 9 months - 3 years

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