Christmas Sweater Knitting Pattern

If you’re looking for a cute Christmas sweater knitting pattern for kids, then you’ve come to the right place!

This Christmas jumper was designed by Twisted Knitwear in 2019 and is still going strong! 

The knitting pattern comes in 7 sizes from 3 months to 8 years and as a top-down knit, it is easily customisable to fit the child, i.e., knit the body and/or sleeves longer or shorter as needed, and if needed a few extra rows can be added to the yoke for extra armhole depth. 

The motif shown here represents a Nordic elf or ‘nisse’ as they are called here in Denmark where I live. The elf’s face and hat is worked into the Christmas jumper using the intarsia technique and the pompom is added to give an extra cute finish. You may also wish to add a nose or some other features – on Ravelry you can see what other knitters have done and get inspired to decorate your very own children’s Christmas jumper!

The pattern is available in English and Danish, but wait, that’s not all! Let’s have a look at who joined the Christmas jumper family in 2020 … look down!

Snowman Christmas Sweater Knitting Pattern

After a very succesful Christmas Sweater knitalong in 2019 there were so many ‘elf’ Christmas Jumpers knocking around that I decided to add a new variation in 2020. And what else could it be but a super cute snowman 🙂 

The Christmas Sweater 2019 pattern includes the instructions for both the elf and snowman motifs for 7 different sweater sizes. The pattern is very clearly explained and the motifs are worked according to diagrams. There are two diagrams for each motif – one for the smaller jumper sizes and one for the larger sizes. In this way, whether you knit an elf Christmas jumper or snowman Christmas Jumper you will end up with a motif that looks approximately the same size no matter which jumper size you knit 🙂

This Christmas jumper knitting pattern also includes clear instructions for a carrot nose so you can knit snowman jumper just like the one shown here.